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Sell faster by featuring your ad

Sell faster by featuring your ad

Starting at €9 only!

High Placements
High placements
High Placements
High placements
High placements
High placements

With the all inclusive ad bidding featuring, you can easily control your ad placement in your category to reach your target audience in a specific country. That means reaching your right clients as a vendor of selling or buying and engaging with a vast audience in a social commerce network.

Our intelligence will support your needs for maximized sales conversion and turnover, not only in terms of placement but also reach to a wider-targeted segment of clients with an all encompassing analytics of your ad with more than 30 indicators that will you analyze and strategize your current and next steps.


The right choice for your business

We have several tools and options to boost your business.

Why choose us?

Paid marketing tools

Use of paid promotions for your ads

60+ analytics & stats

AshAko provides more than 60 ads performance analytics that you can use for data analysis.

Homepage booster

Promote your ad on AshAko homepage

Newsletter promotion

Promote your ad to AshAko follower base via dedicated email newsletters

Unlimited views

No limitation for your ad views




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Featuring from €9 only can get up to 10x more chance to finding the right buyer or seller

Did you know?

Featuring from €9 only can get up to 10x more chance to finding the right buyer or seller and will help you understand your market and performance better in the current and longer term? The key is simply finding the right spot for you.

HVF - Enjoy premium privileges

To feature the ad on ASHAKO’s platform with superior and large placement, advertise it through extended campaigns within ASHAKO’s internal and external network, spread awareness of it to social platforms and ad networks, and market it on an agressive basis with dedicated manual outreach to relevant leads as potential parties to the deal.

Why should I use HVF?

Why should I
use HVF?

Periodically HVF members enjoy valuable stats and privileges that can help them in their daily life outside and inside of ASHAKO.

Superior promotion

Supercharge your ads with HVF benefits, and much more

  Worldwide booster
  Internal pages
  Homepage placement
  ASHAKO network
  Social media post
  Newsletter emails

Why featuring with us is cost effective?

Starting at just €9, the pricing at ASHAKO is most efficient in the market compared to other platforms. We base that upon the willingness and ability of all our customers worldwide, as individuals or companies, to promote their content as buyers or sellers without manipulating or fixing market pricing, and giving the equal chance to all kinds of users to advertise freely and reach a world of audience.

Your HVC plan
is best choice

All the VIP benefits of featuring, and much more

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Your HVC Plan is best Choice

Most cost-effective, most efficient for maximized benefit

ASHAKO is a "GLOBAL" classifieds marketplace with advanced intelligence that empowers both providers and seekers to any kind of goods and services and matching them using innovative methods of matchmaking, advertising, auctioneering, reverse auction, expanding network, sponsorship, promotional bidding system, social experience, affiliation, facilitation by closers and mediation, expanding nodes of trade, connecting consumers and businesses, rapid process to closing deals, globalizing digital-to-physical trade, and simplifying the user’s journey all with 24/7 services support.

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ASHAKO is a “GLOCAL” classifieds marketplace
ASHAKO renovates the way deals are presented, identified

ASHAKO renovates the way deals are presented, identified, made, and exercised between sellers and buyers worldwide by expanding the community reach, enabling all kinds of vendors and customers, and integrating artificially intelligent market-spiders that can automate the process of outreach, advertising, publishing, and searching for any kind of vendor in the B2C and C2C sectors respective to any category of goods or services, within ASHAKO’s network or outside, and organizing the interaction.

With added experience, ASHAKO also leads with ground-breaking auction and Social commerce systems to maximize the user’s value and experience as a vendor in promoting goods or services in an all-inclusive marketplace.