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    What to do?

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  • 3Apply for Closer status
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How it works?

  As an affiliate, find and refer buyers and/or sellers from anywhere around the world to ASHAKO. (Can also work with already registered users)

  Connect with them to approve you as their Closer in hunting for any good or service. (Users can have multiple mediators)

  Agree on your percent commission for closing the deal on the reasonable terms required and payment method/gateway. (Standard: 1.00%-5.00%, these terms shall be honored by both parties upon closing any deal)

  These users post an ad on what they’re looking for. (Either approved closer or user can post the ad)

  Find and approach the other party, whether inside or outside of ASHAKO, serving or interested in the same type of good or service.

  Represent your client through discussions and negotiations in all professionalism.

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Official Referral Program

To tell people they can monetize their social media fame, family, friends, and business contacts by spreading awareness and

referring users to ASHAKO. Every helping hand for our growth is valued and rewarded.