ASHAKO is tomorrow’s free and renovated Glocal marketplace for all legal goods or services’ in the form of classifieds ads found on Web, iOS, and Android. You can find or request what you’re looking for on the system where you simply need to post an ad regarding the subject.
For more information on who we are and our vision, pleas visit our About Us page.

ASHAKO seeks to deliver efficient, effective, quick, and Glocal deals for free for all kinds of users on an expanded state and be the one stop for primary and secondary markets around the world.

ASHAKO is designed for the markets around the globe where every country is registered to be localized and anyone from anywhere can sign up and use the system for free.

Buyers category is for the users who are looking to buy goods.
Following the theme of “Just Post an Ad” since the first version in 2016, buyers can post an ad of what they’re searching for so that sellers also are able to surf and find them and the business or deal they want to lock down.
Sellers category is for the users who are selling goods.
Buyers search for sellers, and sellers search for buyers, easing the process substantially.
Buyers and sellers of similar items can also be matched where the circulation of business at ASHAKO shall not pause or sleep.

Barter category is for the users who are looking to exchange goods with or without additional financial budgets. It is specially designed for individuals who are often interested in switching from one item to the other or exchanging for an upgrade.

Foods is a category that allows users to advertise to sell any sort of food cuisine, as an individual or business.

Yes. ASHAKO will very soon also provide the services of featuring ads for a higher presence on a certain list of category in a specific country where the traffic and interactions, on average, are 10x higher. Not only will featured ads get users from within ASHAKO, but also the internet.

Users can feature their ads by clicking on “Feature now” button on a preexisting ad page, or right away while posting an ad. In doing so, the user will be subject to the terms and conditions of the smart bidding module available on the system which allows the user to position their ads in the relevant the list according to their bid with respect to the other ads in the specified country. The higher the bid, the higher the position.
The price of featuring an ad depends on the positioning, minimum allowed bid, number of bids and bidders, category, and country.

Yes. Very soon, users on ASHAKO will have the power to change the language on the website or application from English to Arabic, French, Spanish, German, or Turkish. Need another langauge? Send us your feedback!

Just post an ad to get matched with a potential buyer or seller, and surf using our smart search module.

Yes. You simply need to switch the country and city where needed on the homepage’s top toolbar when searching for ads, where the requested country’s ads should then show. Ads on ASHAKO are only viewed according to the country.

Yes. Users should firstly select their place or location that can be automatically detected, but can also be manually adjusted when needed. Although, ads must comply with the conditions set out by ASHAKO and to be real and verified with regards to the geography of the good or service.

As ASHAKO is a Glocal marketplace, it represents every country’s ads with its respected currency to allow for a better user experience and relevance when using the system.

Worldwide. Any country can be found on ASHAKO.

All kinds of legal goods and services. If you think we’re missing something, please do not hesitate to send us your feedback.

No. ASHAKO also has services, jobs, and events.

Yes. ASHAKO makes sure to use the most efficient tools in searching for ads and closing deals with optimal performance.

Users can sign up on ASHAKO by email, Google, or Facebook.
All users must input their verified phone numbers to allow other users to contact them.

Yes. Emails and phone numbers of users are verified. Any user who violates any terms set out by ASHAKO, posts fake ads, or is a threat to the community’s guidelines or policies on the system will be banned from using it.

Please contact us for more information on this request.

GOODS is a category that includes all kinds of goods, from quick consumer products to vehicles to electronics to real estate and others.
This category classifies every kind of item that a user may want under buyers, sellers, rent, or exchange.
In order to simplify the user's journey to access the right place, we've classified everything for convenience.
Should you have feedback or question, please let us know!