Who are

Owned and operated by HYLMAN, a Paris, France based smart-tech company seeking to revolutionize industries around the world. Check out the other major works such as Consulting Centrale and follow us for updates!


What is AshAko?

AshAko is a smart marketplace system for services, classifieds, and other goods. It originally started out in 2016 by Yaman and Hassan Al-Shama and renovated in 2020 to be part of HYLMAN that is based in Paris, France. By adapting to tech improvements and world changes, AshAko aims to connect all kinds of people from individuals to business owners around the world together in a simplified and smart way allowing users to sell, buy, or exchange goods and services. AshAko allows users to accurately represent the primary and secondary markets with respect to a good or service. It resolved the difficulty of finding the other party, welcoming all kinds of parties to be registered users on the system, a buyer looking for a certain object or a seller looking to sell a certain object for example, and matching them with each other using appropriate algorithms and subjects of the deal. The company strives to use sophisticated formulas to simplify the user's interface for a better experience and easier way of interacting in a highly globalized world.

What can I do on AshAko?

Be able to sell, buy, exchange, and witness the primary and secondary market conditions from the position of a buyer or seller. Standardize the prices of all kinds of goods or services as a reference.

Find whatever you are looking for from goods, services, and more.

Grow your domestic and international presence as a business owner in the smart marketplace of tomorrow.

Allow people to trade from home, sell all kinds of legal goods, and have a name in the domestic and international marketplace.

Expand your presence to markets and audiences overseas.

Create synergies, work, connect, and collaborate with others in retail and services.



To make marketing and access to markets easier for people around the world,
because what we usually want or need may be available with the guy next door.

  • Be a fully accessible and free system to all people around the world for the purpose of all kinds of goods or services.
  • Be the primary and secondary marketplace of tomorrow.
  • Adapt to all tech and world changes required.
  • Influence and represent accurate local markets around the globe.
  • Resolve all issues faced by preexisting marketplace systems for the flawless marketplace title.
  • Grow and adapt continuously by taking all feedbacks, remarks, and extensive research into consideration.
  • Connect all kinds of people, dealers, and businessmen.
  • Allow individuals to have the utmost reach to each other.
  • Simplify the ways of trading goods or services.
  • Be a “cosmic“ market platform for the globe.