Ultimate Speed Oil Pump 12V Uop 12 C1 1 Image
1 year ago

Ultimate Speed Oil Pump 12V Uop 12 C1

Managua - Nicaragua

1,220.8 NIO


DESCRIPTION: Manufacturer Number : UOP 12 C1 Type : Oil Dispenser Brand : Ultimate speed PROPERTIES: made in germany operatiin via 12v car battery ideal for clean and easy oil changes for pumping out engine oil, diesel and heating oil easy handling due to long suction and drain hose terminals with insulated handles and practicals spiral cable capacity : engine oil (MAXIMUM 60 C) : APPROX. 0.2 LITERS / MINUTE DIESEL, HEATING OIL: APPROX. 1.5 LITERS / MINUTE TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE DATA: POWER CONSUMPTION: APPROX. 60 WATTS MAXIMUM OPERATING TIME: APPROX. 30 MINUTES DIMENSIONS: PUMP: APPROX. L 133 X W 129 X H 85 MM INTAKE HOSE (OUTSIDE): APPROX. 6 MM DRAIN HOSE (OUTSIDE): APPROX. 12 MM INTAKE HOSE LENGTH (TOTAL): APPROX. 1.2 M DRAIN HOSE LENGTH (TOTAL): APPROX. 2 M BATTERY CONNECTION CABLE (TOTAL): APPROX. 2 M MASS: ABOUT 890 G


  • Managua, Nicaragua