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2 years ago

Royalty Line Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Doha - Qatar

455.2 QAR


Product Description RL-16B 16 Pcs Stainless Steel Cookware Set THERMO CONTROL Cooking your meal with a Thermo Knob cookware helps you finding the perfect blend and taste. With easy read Thermo Knob , you can check the heat inside your fry pan and modify the cooking energy accordingly. HANDLING SUPPORT Handles are partially covered with bakelit material to move hot fry pan without a hassle. Made in Swiserland 3 years warranty Delivery available $ as exchange rate in market $ as exchange rate in black market Original price 185$ Now and only 125$ ‎طريقة التواصل مع البائع فقط أرسل صورة عن المنتج المعروض عبر الوتس أب على رقم التالي٠٣/٧٤٥٧١٦ How to contact the seller? Just send a copy of the product displayed via WhatsApp to the following number 03/745716 Monday Till Friday Open 9:00am till 6:00pm Saturday Open 9:00am till 4:30pm ‎للمزيد من الإعلانات إضغط على الإسم في الأسفل For more offers plz press on the name down

TypeCooking tools & utensils

  • Doha, Qatar