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Q9 Flagship Smart Bracelet – Black 4/ 3$ D...

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3$ delivery charge / 1$=5000LL Q9 Flagship Smart Bracelet – Black 4 Wristband function introduction 1. Main interface/Dial Long press the touch area in the main interface can be directly switched The dial has 3 styles, sports/fashion/minimalist 2. Pedometer/distance/calories View the number of walking steps at any time during the day, walkingThe distance and consumption of calories. Synchronize apps in time to view motion data. 3. Heart rate monitoring Switch to heart rate test interface to enter real-time monitoring of heart rate,Measurement data can be synchronized to the APP in time, and there is a test report. 4. Blood pressure monitoring Switch to blood pressure test interface to enter real-time monitoring of blood pressure,Measurement data can be synchronized to the APP in time, and there is a test report. Note: When measuring blood pressure, please measure according to the correct posture. The test result is for reference only.Cannot be used as medical data. 5. Sleep monitoring Wearing a bracelet to sleep, you can monitor the length of sleep, as well as deep sleep and light sleep. According to the data, you can adjust your own sleep status and increase your health index. 6. Kinds of sports modes Long press to enter sports mode monitoring.Running, cycling, hiking, walking Long press the sport mode to enter, click to switch mode, long press to start calculation,Long press to stop. 7. Information reminder/push When new information is available, the device vibrates and displays the message content. The corresponding message shows the corresponding icon, and the information will retain the current 3 pieces of content. 8. Stopwatch Long press to enter the timer interface, click to start timing, click pause,Cycle in sequence, long press to exit 9. Find your phone When the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the wristband is normal, press and hold to find it.Phone will ring 10. Shutdown Press and enter to select whether to shut down.Single switch, long press confirm, shutdown interface will show the Bluetooth model,Bracelet software version and Bluetooth code Other function reminding (in the APP can set bright screen, vibration highlight screen and other reminder mode) incoming call When you call, you can check the name of the caller, etc.In case of inconvenience, long press to hang up Drinking reminder You can set your own drinking frequency and time period alerts in the app. Sedentary reminder Set the time period and sit tiredActivities Remote control camera When the remote side opens the remote camera function, the wristband can display the camera icon. The wristband shakes and the phone automatically takes pictures. Find bracelet Open the APP and click on the device to find it. Alarm reminder Multiple sets of alarms can be set in the APP and the number of repeat days can be set. CPU: nordic52832 Display screen: 1.3 inch TFT high-definition Touch screen: Touch button Bluetooth: VER4.0 Heart rate sensor: lst1303 Triaxial sensor: LIS3DH Battery: 180Mah large capacity polymer batteries G-SENSOR: Step analysis, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring,Contact touch System support: Andrews and IOS

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