Google Home Mini

NOK 384.15

 Oslo, Norway
8 Months ago


BUY NOW SUPER SPECIAL PRICES WHATSAPP 00961 700 Control your home smart appliance through your voice orders. So, meet Google Home Mini: a cheap way to introduce yourself into the world of Google Assistant-powered smart speakers. Its smaller size, though, it does pretty much everything its larger sibling can, hooking into your home network and drawing on Google’s server-based AI smarts to answer questions, play music for you and control other third-party devices, when only you say “ok Google”. Also, the original Google Home gives your hands-free help, and the new Google Home Mini lets you experience it in more places. The design of the Google Home Mini is a shape of a pebble which available in three colors-chalk, charcoal and coral. The roughly textured fabric that wraps around the top of the speaker looks great with the matte plastic on the bottom half. This device gives off an idea that its fabric mesh is just for looks, but it’s actually conductive to your touch in a few areas. Around the base, you will find a single micro USB port for powering the device and a switch to mute the microphone. As internal features: a 360-degree speaker and a pair of far-field microphones to pick up voices not only nearby but across the room like the Amazon echo. Home Mini has dual-band Wi-Fi with MIMO and Bluetooth just like the larger home, so you can connect your phone directly to it. But can’t hook it up to Hi-Fi and use it as a voice-powered streamer because it lacks a 3.5mm output jack Step 1: Open the Google Home app 2. Teach Google your voice 3. Invite others to create accounts 4. Manage accounts 5. Enjoy multi-user support BUY NOW SUPER SPECIAL PRICES WHATSAPP 00961 700 used as 70086836

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