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1 year ago

Aqua Bike

Stockholm - Sweden

41,000.3 SEK


Aqua Legacy Hydro Spa Bike | " The combination of cycling, massage, ozone in the water and chromo therapy allows demonstrated in terms of weight loss, improvement of veno-lymphatic circulation and well-being outcomes participant maintaining good health. Hydro bike was the idea of combining the advantages of training in the water and the benefits of a targeted massage in one device. Exercise on Hydro Spa Bike lead to fast results in process of cellulite fighting. The Aqua Legacy Jets for hydro massage are targeted on sensitive zones. They are efficiently fighting "orange skin effect". They are simply body building while changing fat tissue into muscles. They have no load on the joints, and can be used by persons in all age above 16 yrs. They are designed for those who want esthetic changes and relax- ation during exercise. They improve lymph circulation, and have drainage effect on fat tissue. The Ozone released during treatment has effect close to micro peeling on skin thanks to production of oxygen. Price is $15,000.00 US Dollars Cashiers Checks. Or. $5000.00 CASH

TypeTreadmills and Cardio machines

  • Stockholm, Sweden